Live The Abundant Life

Hi my name is James Simmons and welcome to It is my intention to provide you with best coaching and provide you with valuable processes, tools and resources, so you can Discover Your Divine Prosperity Within and Live The Abundant Life You were meant to Live!

Do know how most people have dreams, goals, and sets New Year resolutions for themselves – and yet the majority of them never accomplish them?!

Very few people ever achieve their desired goal.  The remaining portion of people will achieve mediocre results at best, most are left feeling frustrated and find themselves in a state of trying and failing, or feeling like there are forces against them and just end up giving up and settling… or worst yet left feeling like a failure!

Let me ask you; have you ever felt the frustration of not being able to achieve a goal or dream you’ve set for yourself?  Or maybe you feel frustration with relationships; maybe you struggle with money or feel resistance in advancing in your career or finding your dream job. Whatever your challenge may be, working with a coach and utilizing law of attraction techniques can help you immensely!

With being a law of attraction coach and studying personal development and spiritual principles.  I work with individuals one on one to help them discover their inner obstacles that are preventing them from achieving their goals. And with implementing proven success techniques and processes, they are able to dissolve these issues so they can move forward freely toward their goals and be in a vibration harmony to attract what they desire into their lives! So they can Live from a source of prosperity and abundance!

You need to be on the right path toward your desire and be in harmony with what you desire, so that, you and your desire are moving towards each other. Otherwise your desires are eluding, like chasing after the cat that doesn’t want to be caught! So you may feel like there’s a lot of effort, force and struggle to achieve a goal.

When really achieving your goals and living your Life can be free flowing and effortless! Enjoyable and Abundant!!

So let’s discover your Divine Prosperity within
and Live The Abundant Life You were meant to Live!

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